2017 Qualifiers (20-24 March)

Congratulations to the 13-15 High Performance and Jr team athletes and coaches for a great week in Quebec City for Canadian Qualifiers where the athletes received some of their highest scores of the season. Thank you to the chaperons for all of your time and hard work. Thank you to the parents, families and friends for all of your support. Here are the links to the routines:

Click on Event posts on right hand upper corner. Choose the day and event.

Day 4- FINA Junior Duet Finals (Stefanie Martin and Carolyn Currie; scroll to 58:33)

Day 3- Age 13-15 Team Prelims Part 1 (scroll to 53:52)

Day 3- FINA Junior Solo Finals (Laurie Preston; scroll to 25:03 and Carolyn Currie; scroll to 2:10:53)

Day 3- Age 13-15 Solo Finals (Jorja Koiuk; scroll to 8:53 and Tamara Chaput; scroll to 2:25:09)

Day 2- Canadian Open Combo Finals (scroll to 1:13:58)

Day 2- Age 13-15 Duet Finals (Tamara Chaput and Lily Danis; scroll to 3:10:26)


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